MAC Cinderella Collection “Royal Ball” Lipstick

The Mac Cinderella collection launched the morning of February 26 online and will be in stores starting March 5. First of all, can we just talk about how stressful these collections are? I have personally never ordered a limited edition product online without swatching it, but there is a first time for everything I guess. There was so much uncertainty associated with this collection because MAC never mentioned what time the collection would launch. I limited myself (pun intended) to only one lipstick from this collection, but I will probably swatch the remaining products when they release in stores. I chose “Royal Ball” because the last MAC lipstick I purchased was “Oxblood” (review found here) and that was a matte peachy nude, whereas this lipstick is more of a pinky nude (I am totally justifying myself aren’t I?). I do not own any luster finishes and saw this as an opportunity to expand my horizons (there I go justifying myself again!). Enough rambling, time for the review!


  • I would like to think that the name of this product is MAC’s idea of the lipstick Cinderella wore to the “Royal Ball,” but it is definitely not what I would have chosen to wear to such an important event.
  • Packaging:
    • The lipstick box is a slightly iridescent light blue with the collection’s name printed in gold.                                                                 RoyalBallBox
    • The bullet itself is also an iridescent, slightly shimmery, light blue with gold details. There is no design on the bullet which I know made a few people want to pass on this collection. Personally, I think that the color is beautiful, but I do have to agree and say that compared the beautiful packaging of the Toledo Collection, this packaging is a little disappointing. I am sure MAC had reasons to make the packaging the way it is, but I just wish there would have been more attention to detail (perhaps a subtle patter or print in addition to the color). RoyalBallBullet               RoyalBallLipstick
  • Color and application:
    • “Royal Ball” is a sheer pinky nude with a frosted finish. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed by this product’s color payoff. I think that maybe this color did not go well with my medium skin tone. I feel as though this sheer lipstick made my lips look paler instead of giving them color. This could be due to the fact that the color is a little too cool and light for my skin tone and the frosted finish does not suit my complexion.
      • “Royal Ball” looks good when applied to the center of my lips on top of an opaque pink lipstick. Although I did find a use for this lipstick, I did not buy it with the intention of using it on top of a different color, but honestly it is the only way I can wear it. The way I think about this lipstick is as a highlight for my lips. It makes the center a little more shimmery than the rest of my lips and this adds more dimension.
      •    The pictures below show how sheer this lipstick is and how cool tones it is compared to my NC25/30 skin. I had to swipe it five or six times to get it to show up on my arm.                                                                      Swatch1
    • This lipstick is relatively creamy and easy to apply. Unfortunately, on its own, it does accentuate the fine lines on my lips and it did not last more than two hours. RoyalBallSwatch2
  • Comparison to other lipsticks:
    • I do not own any lipstick like this one therefore I can’t make a direct comparison. I thought that it would be similar to my MAC “Creme Cup,” but it is too sheer to be comparable to anything I own.

      (L)"Royal Ball" swiped 6 times (R) "Creme Cup" swiped 1 time

      (L)”Royal Ball” swiped 6 times (R) “Creme Cup” swiped 1 time

  • Final thoughts:
    • I was so excited to try this lipstick, but I was truly disappointed by the color. I think that my skin color and undertones simply do not play well with this product. This lipstick could work well for those with lighter skin and cooler undertones.
    • Overall, the packaging is cute and the experience of acquiring a limited edition item before it sells out online was a new and exciting one for me, but the color and its payoff did not suit me.

I will probably take a look at the other items of this collection in stores, I am interested in the iridescent powder in “Coupe d’Chic.” I would recommend trying it in stores to determine whether this color will work for you. Did you buy or are planning to buy an item from this collection? Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!


10 thoughts on “MAC Cinderella Collection “Royal Ball” Lipstick

    • It’s funny how “late” in terms of MAC Limited Edition items means just a week or so after the launch! Yeah, it was so disappointing. I had to swipe the lipstick 5 or 6 times just to get it to show up in my skin. The packaging is pretty, so at least there’s that!


      • Here in Malaysia, people could not care less about make up. By pure chance I watched some youtubers reviews on this. Imagine my shock and surprise! I managed to still got the Royal Ball online but the the rest mostly sold out. Maybe I’ll try to get the powder (again for the packaging sake) in Aussie through friends. They still haven’t release them there yet.


      • I was thinking of getting the powder, but I haven’t had a chance to go to a MAC store. I’m guessing everything’s probably already sold out. Let me know if you do end up getting something from this collection!


      • Omg nooo! The MAC people called today and said they need to cancel my order and refund me because there’s no more Royal Ball ;(. Can they do this? This is outrageous! Heartbreak ;( This limited ed things make me go crazy!


      • Yes I managed to place the other straight away and they charged my visa without hesitation! Only to call me back the next day informing there’s no more stock and they will refunded me. The funny thing is several hours afterward, I can still see the very coveted item listed available in their official website. I called the customer service and they just gave me vague answer and asked me to re-order. Yeah to heck with it. Not only the bank take 14 days to process the refund, now they want more of my money? Maybe just not my luck. Did I say I am going crazy with this thing? Yeah I think I did. Sorry kinda vent my frustration to you >_<. Thanks for the ears lol.


      • I’m really sorry that all of this happened with your order, but venting always helps 😊 oh and if it makes you feel any better I personally did not really like the lipstick. I feel like it would work best on someone that is very fair skinned.

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