Pop arazzi “Toes in the Sand” Nail Polish

Warning: The following is a very long backstory, skip past the first picture if you want to know whether I liked this product.

I went to CVS this weekend in search for a new nude nail polish to add to my collection (the way I see it you can never have too many nude polishes). I really wanted to find Essie’s “Spin the Bottle”, but I quickly realized that not a single one of the CVS locations near me carry this color (yes, I did visit all of them). I decided to look through all of the nail polish brands available, but none of the nudes that they offered really caught my eye (I hope you agree that no two nude nail polishes are ever the same!). I was looking for a peachy warm nude because lately I have been wearing a lot of light pinks. Unsuccessful, I aimlessly walked towards the shampoo aisle and saw a rack with several different colors of nail polish with adorable polka-dotted caps. There it was…the nude color I was looking for! I look at the brand name and it read “Pop arazzi.” I am not one to judge a book by its cover, but I do judge brands by their names and this particular brand has, in my opinion, a very cheesy name. I looked at the price and realized that the polishes were only $2.99, or 2 for $5. Given that Essie, OPI, and Sally Henssen are usually somewhere near the $8.00 price point, I decided to give this polish a try and proceeded to purchase the nude shade called “Toes in the Sand.” I truly liked the color, the adorable name, and the pretty packaging, but I was unsure about the formula. I feel like my base coat and top coat are an amazing combination and therefore I figured that given the price point, it would not hurt to try this nail polish.


Thankfully, I get to say that I really love this color and its formula! It reached full opacity in two coats even though the first coat started off a bit sheer. I definitely recommend this color if you are looking for a neutral peachy nude.

Pop arazzi "Toes in the sand"  Base coat: Formula X Top coat: Glisten and Glow "HK Girl"

Pop arazzi “Toes in the sand”
Base coat: Formula X
Top coat: Glisten and Glow “HK Girl”


I am excited to try other colors from this brand, so I will keep you posted on how this goes. Have you tried pop arazzi nail polishes before? Have I been living under a rock? Let me know in the comments section!