Too Faced “HangoveR Replenishing Face Primer”

Labeling this winter in Cambridge as “rough” would be an understatement! My skin definitely noticed the change in temperature after the first two storms. When I moved to Cambridge, I knew that the further north you go, the colder winters become, but no one warned me about the awful weather we experienced this winter.  I have had dry skin, but this past winter my skin went from dry to parched and flaky. Cold weather and dry skin were not going to stop me from wearing makeup, so I decided to invest in an improved skin care routine and products targeted for dehydrated skin. I came across the Too Faced “HangoverR Replenishing Face Primer” towards the beginning of the fall, but it looked gimmicky to me and  therefore I never even bothered to test it out. Once the winter reached its full intensity and my skin started to look dry and flaky, I started realizing that applying my daily face moisturizer before my foundation would not be enough. I read and heard some great reviews on this primer and decided to give it a try once and for all. I have to admit that I have never regretted not trying a product early enough as much as I did with this one because without it I am not exactly how my skin would have survived this endless winter (I sound dramatic, but that is honestly how I feel about this product) and I cannot wait to see if I can finally wear powder foundation this summer.

This product has the following claims “boosts skin’s radiance, promotes elasticity, hydrates while locking down makeup for fresher, longer and more flawless wear.” Keep reading to find out if it lives up to its claims:



  • Packaging:
    • The box that the product comes in is as cute as any Too Faced product. It has a pink and white outside with the name and some information printed on the front.Hangoverfront
    • The actual product comes in a very unique tube with a pump attached to it. I think that the design for this package was very well thought out because first of all it had a pump (why can’t makeup companies just include a pump with everything?) and secondly the way that it is stored allows the product to flow with gravity. The fact that the pump is at the bottom of the product allows for an easier flow of the primer and it is more likely that you will be able to get a majority of the product out when it starts running low.                                                              TooFcedPump
  • Consistency and scent:
    • The product is a white relatively watery substance that can be considered a little runny.                                                                                  TooFacedswatch
    • It has a mild and refreshing scent that reminds me of coconut water (makes sense given that it contains coconut water)!                              TooFacedIngredients
  • Application, performance and longevity:
    • It applies soft, evenly and it absorbs quickly into the skin. Once it absorbs, it makes your skin feel smooth and plump.
    • I do not personally think that it fills in my pores or color corrects (not listed in claims), but I do feel like it replenishes my skin and this in turn improves my makeup application
    • I do feel like this primer helps my makeup stay on longer, but I think that it is most likely because it increases elasticity through hydration. My skin is at its best when this primer is added to my routine and this provides a good base by  for the rest of the layers that go on top, but not necessarily because it has ingredients that increase the lasting power
  • Final thoughts/opinion:
    • This primer is a little expensive ( you get 1.35 oz for $32) but I bought mine over two months ago, have used it every single day makeup or no makeup and I have over half of the tube left.
    • I think that this product is amazing! I do think that this product would work on people with all skin types, but I cannot speak for someone with oily skin because, as I previously mentioned, I have dry skin.
    • I do owe the ability to wear foundation throughout the winter to this primer and for that maybe I am a little biased, but the results I have seen are still amazing.
    • As for actually calling this product a primer I think that many people may argue that it does not function the way most primers are currently designed (meaning to fill in pores, make your skin more matte, and make makeup last longer). I do however think that this primer addresses an issue that is more important than filling in your pores, it helps with the overall hydration and therefore health of your skin. For that, this product is innovative and unique! I think that it does deserve the label of a primer (although in my opinion that label undersells the potential of this product) because it helps your skin be at its prime and this in turn results in having an amazing base for your foundation. So, isn’t that what a primer is intended to do?

Have you tried the HangoveR Replenishing primer?